Chirag Foods Limited – Chigs Snacks

Creative, Packaging Design and Label


Flametree group holdings a listed company in the NSE acquired Chirag foods in 2015. As part of improving the packaging of its snacks, we were commissioned to design and develop copy for four of its sub-brands. Chevda Original, Chevda sweet and sour, Bhusu and Gharnia Our task was to maintain identity elements of the Chigs crisps whilst injecting a fresh and edgy feel. The copy on the products took our creative team more time to crack them


We developed imagery that was consistent with the brand attributes of the Chigs products while using colors that reflected personalities that would differentiate the four products with authentic meaning. The copy was a mixture of humor and inviting words that would lead the consumer to skip similar brands o a shelf and be drawn into Chigs snacks.


Packaging Design that was fun, alive, and radiant with energy that almost wanted to burst out of the pack! Elements representing the ingredients were creatively splashed over the packages to break the boredom and unleash playfulness. Personality-based copy that had a mixture of different personalities that every customer could relate with. Colorful packaging that would attract attention from far.