DPL Festive Bread

Creative TV Commercials

DPL Festive is one of the leading bread making companies in Kenya, and also our oldest client.


We proposed to create an iconic character who will be the face of the bread brand. He will represent the values of DPL Festive and stand for quality and healthy Bread.


We started out with extensive brainstorm sessions to help us to unwrap the personality and values and core essence of Festive Bread. This then led us to the first concept generation stages where we began by sketching out an animated Chef character. This would then go to the development stage where 3D animation techniques were applied to bring the character to life.


The result was a confident, smart-looking, and appealing Chef, who is now the face of DPL’s bread product, representing health, quality, and nutrition in a fun and creative manner. His name is Bwana Festive. DPL Festive’s website also needed a revamp and the use of Bwana Festive perfectly livened up the website, which is well managed and updated. Photography skills were used to capture the bread products, as well as the bread factory. The website was not the only digital presence we incorporated, we also opened up Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where posts are made regularly. This has increased DPL Festive’s fan base on the digital platform tremendously. Billboard Print Adverts were also done using Bwana Festive. This has enhanced the overall brand visibility. The 2016 Calendar featured Bwana Festive as well. We also did a TV commercial that introduced Bwana Festive talking about the bread-making process at the factory. We produced recipe videos titled ‘Bwana Festive Bread Recipes’ which features simple recipes made by Festive Bread slices. The videos went viral on social media.