Highchem Essentials – Pynol Antiseptic and Disinfectant

Brand Strategy, Identity Rebrand


Highchem Essentials is one of the leading Agrochemical manufacturing companies in East Africa. With much concentration on the agricultural sector, the company had developed human consumer brands such as Pynol 5. Yes, not a chemical but an over-the-counter antiseptic. Being a dormant and potentially great product, the management felt that the product needed a revamp on its look, name, and communication We were up to the task and allowed ourselves to be a chemical nerd for a 3 month period.


Brand Strategy involved us performing a brand audit to discover what was good and what needed improvement with the brand. We developed a rebranding plan that suggested that we drop the number 5 in the name Pynol to make it simpler and easy to relate to. We proposed a new logo identity and visual language that would be attractive to the female consumer that we positioned it for. We developed brand communication messages for Point of sale, television, and billboards.


We created a logo and redesigned the packaging for Pynol brand sizes. Designed a brand book that would guide the client in building a consistent visual language Created a TV commercial that targeted all users of the antiseptic/disinfectant Designed to display and point of sale material to aid the marketing team’s trade promotions. An increase in communication awareness increased sales of the product on wholesale and retail.