Highchem Essentials – Pynol Handwash

Packaging Design


After a successful rebrand of Pynol antiseptic and disinfectant, the demand for the product motivated the company to enter into a new but related market of handwashes. We were called upon to design the container and labels for three handwash variants that would be introduced into the highly competitive handwash market.


Designing the packaging for the bottle involved a level of 3D skills that collaborated with mechanical engineers working with the client resulted in a bottle that mixed functionality and style whilst keeping to the recommended industry standards. We went on to give their different brands a common yet brand alert look keeping the Pynol antiseptic attributes in the handwash portfolio.


Three functional handwash bottles with labels gave the products unique personalities and attractive to the female demographic as the major consumers of the brand. Pynol is seeking to grow the antiseptic and disinfectant portfolio to capture at least 5% of the market share We believe they are close to attaining this goal with this product range.