Kendy Money Transfer – Kendy Corporate Brand

Brand Communication, Multi-media Campaign, Digital Media


Kendy money transfer, a pan African money transfer service that launched in January 2015. We were tasked with the objective of creating brand awareness for the new brand as an entry strategy that positioned them as the Pan African money transfer competing with global brands such as Western Union and MoneyGram.


We developed a strategy that would place them in different media platforms for a period of 2 months and a BTL as well as an ATL media plan for 12 month period. We identified models who would add the softness of a financial service and cut across two demographics: senders and recipients of money in Africa. We proposed a strong visual campaign on billboards, Television, and website design as well as handled their social media platform design.


Photography session of 4 models who represented the users of the service Produced a series of TV commercials that were short yet defined how Kendy products work A website that had strong visuals and was consistent with the corporate colors Placement of billboards where the target groups were found within Nairobi City.