The Nairobi Hospital

Creative and Production, Documentary


Producing a documentary feature in the largest privately owned hospital in East Africa was a great task. When people are sick they are the priority, work cannot stop to accommodate a video recording We had to produce a profile that covered every department including the Kitchen and Stores of the hospital to showcase a brand that has been providing healthcare solutions in Kenya and Africa as a whole.


We produced a documentary shot within a record 4 days showcasing over 20 departments in the Nairobi hospital We could only manage this through a walkthrough experience that was a first in the medical industry We went on to produce francophone and Portuguese targeted features to enhance the brand’s medical tourism capability in Africa.


A 30 minutes feature that utilized talented Ephy Hunja. The feature produced in 2010 remains an in-house media tool used to educate patients, friends, and relatives visiting the hospital about the different services offered. The francophone and Luscophone features have been utilized when marketing their services in the respective countries within Africa.