Plan International



Plan International is a global organization doing great work in the area of children. One critical function is in promoting children’s rights and educating children on their rights globally.

Tanuri participated in a pitch that focused on simplifying the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child and converging this with the African Charter on rights and welfare of the African child for children in Siaya, Homabay, and Kisumu.


Tanuri team came up with a story that fused the rights of the African child and the United convention on child rights using animated characters.

After a brainstorming workshop that comprised a legal officer, scriptwriter, animators, and a communication strategist we finally cracked an idea.


Tanuri drafted a plot revolving around a story told by kids for kids. We also developed characters and crafted a well-detailed children’s rights booklet that was tested by a sample size of the target market and stakeholder organizations involved in children’s rights work.