Space & Style – Decra Roofs

Creative TV Commercials


In 2012 the little-known distributor of roofing tiles needed to create awareness of Decra roofing. Stone-coated roofing tiles with several advantages over the conventional roofing tiles hereby used in Kenya. We were tasked with create a visual message that was to target individual home builders as well as the foremen involved in the process. With rising counterfeit products in the market, the company needed a commercial that informed the target market that they are the exclusive distributor of Decra from New Zealand.


In an industry with plenty of counterfeit products. The workers and foremen are always looking for easier ways to make more from their clients. We developed a script that spoke to the actual foremen and roof fundis as well as informs home builders on the genuine quality attributes of Decra roofing.


Incorporating subtle humor we developed a 30-second TVC that communicated customer care, product awareness, and counterfeit cover-ups that the roofing industry performs to justify the quality of Decra roofing products. Space and Style aired the commercial in the most-watched station in Kenya and product awareness as well as sales of the product shot up over the period. Today Space and Style is known as the genuine provider of Decra roofing tiles and steel trussings, gutters, and other products.